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The gas operated system was not sufficient.

The inertial system was not either.

Thus we have tried and the tenacity gave its results.

Three new lines with patented profile allow the hunter the possibility to select his ideal beating companion. Thanks to these new lines, to the ventilated 7mm (.275„) rib, welded all along the length of the barrel, to the variable drop, our hunter’s brain can finally see with certainty what’s pointing to.

The receiver made out of light aluminum alloy features 2 finishes, one matte nickeled and the other bright black, protected by an anodized oxidation.

The bolt, both for the gas operated and the inertial, is of the type with revolving head that guarantees a greater stability and fluidity in movement. Joined with an integral double charging lever to the sleeve, it adds technical innovation to the already very developped blocking system of this kind of bolts.

The forend and the stock are made out of european walnut, varnished or oil polished according to the selected finish. Both and both versions feature an innovative shape of checkering.

The fiberglass reinforced tecnopolymer triggerguard helps to keep the lightness of the gun without affecting its reliability and solidity.

The cut-off, placed on the right side of the receiver has been carried out by simplifying the mechanism, the shape and by increasing the functionality.

The barrel made out of SAE4140 steel has been submitted to rigid ultrasonic controls that guarantee the goodness of the material. All provided with internal chokes, our semiautomatic shotguns are supplied with an innovative wrench with two goals : first is to screw and unscrew the standard chokes and second is to screw and unscrew the ring nut that locks the spring inside the magazine.

The winning finishes, the pointing speed, the technological innovations range these rifles in a new page of means at hunters’ disposal.

Last Update : December 2009

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Viev Gallery Rifle CHALLENGER

Technical features Rifle CAL 12/3– (76mm). INERTIAL OPERATION SHOW HIDE

Standard Lusso
CARCASSA In lega di alluminio (ERGAL)
Forma innovativa con profilo BREVETTATO
Protezione: ossidazione anodica nera
Protezione extra: rivestita al TITANIO
Costruita in acciaio SAE4140 controllato agli ultrasuoni
Lunghezze 26" (660mm) - 28" (710mm) - 30" (760mm)
Strozzatori interni per uso pallini acciaio (C-IC-M-IM-F)
Cromata internamente
Brunita esternamente
Culatta integrale can la canna
Mirino in ottone
Mirino in fibra ottica
Bindella ventilata da 7mm (0,275")
Con testina ruotante
Unito con doppia asta di armamento integrale e canotto BREVETTATA
CALCIO Noce standard verniciato L=365 mm
Noce scelto L=365 mm
Finitura a olio
Zigrinatura eseguita a laser con forma innovativa
Calciolo in nylon nero
Calciolo con una ventilazione in gomma
ASTINA Noce standard verniciata con zigrinatura eseguita a laser
Noce scelto
Finitura a olio
Sistema di fissaggio BREVETTATO
SERBATOIO Capacità cartucce: Magnum 4+1
Capacità cartucce: Standard minimo 5+1
SOTTOGUARDIA In tecnopolimero rinforzato fiberglass
ESPULSORE Elastico montato su carcassa
CAPPELLOTTO Forma innovativa dimensioni ridotte
TRATT. PROT. Strozzatori, otturatore, testina rotante, manetta,
trasportatore, bottone sganciamento, cut-off, sono
protetti dall’ossidazione con trattamento di NICHELATURA CHIMICA.
INCISIONE Grado 1 - Grado 2 - a scelta
PESO Kg 2,800/3,100

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