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The 1851 NAVY YANK 36/44 cal. was probably Col. Samuel Colt's own favorite. He named it Navy Modei, meaning its use on the sea, even though it was sold in larger quantities to the Army rather than to the Navy. The Navy Yank, inseparable companion of the Yankees during the Civil War and of the pioneers in the conquest of the West, famous for its shot rapidity and for its light recoil, was considered as one of the most brilliant single action revolver. Its historica] peculiarity is the six chamber cylinder on which the naval battle of Campeche between the Texas Navy and that from Mexico is roll engraved. This scene was selected by Colt himself, to honor Texas, winner of the battle and also because the soldiers were armed with Colt Paterson. The gun is also available in the versions 1851 NAVY YANK SHERIFF1S, .36/.44 cal., nicknamed “Snub Nose” due to the shortened barrel (it was the most favorite gun of Wild Bill Hickok, the legendary sheriff of Abilene, Kansas) and 1851 NAVY YANK CIVILIAN .36/.44 cal. with silver plated backstrap and triggerguard. The reputation of the Navy Models spread over to England, so much so that in 1852 Colt built a factory, the only one out of the United States territory. The Navy Yank buiIt in England from 1853 through 1856 feature a squareback triggerguard and were named 1851 NAVY LONDON .36/.44 cal. . Far into the war the Confederate Government was forced to appeal to the patriotism of anyone who could contribute in the production of guns. Mr. Griswold answered to this help request. The gun production of the Griswold & Grier was soon stopped by the lack of steel : churches bells, sword’s handles and cannon parts were used. Thus originated the Reb Confederate, with round barrel and red or yellow cast brass frame, brass triggerguard and backstrap of the same color of the frame and, afterwards, the Reb Nord Navy with an octagonal barrel. To complete the line we have introduced the SHERIFF’S and CARBINE versions.

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