- Remington 1858-

The manufacture of firearms by Remington goes back to 1816 when Eliphalet Reniington produced his first guns in Ilion, New York. Thanks to the talent of his designer, F. Beals, in 1858 he patented and started production of a revolutionary weapon: the 1858 NEW MODEL ARMY .44 cal.. As it happened for CoIt, also for Remington the Civil War represented a significant turn. Federa1 Government granted to “Remington & Sons, Ilion, N.Y.” license to develop and change the initial project. These guns became the veterans of the Civil War. They were appreciated for the strength of their rugged frame, and were ideallv suited for the heavy .44 cal. loads and for their shooting reliability and accuracy. The same gun was also produced in .36 cal. And, as it happened with Colt guns, it was the favorite of the American Navy which required small caliber guns for the hand to hand fights. Hence the name 1858 NEW MODEL NAVY .36 cal., given to distinguish it from the .44 cal. version. Our range covers also customized versions, fully idenfical in the mechanism but with small cosmetic variations, such as the 1858 NEW MODEL ARMY TARGET .36/.44 cal.,with adjustable front and rear sights, or like the 1858 NEW MODEL ARMY NICKEL .36/.44 ca1., available with a brass frame or steel frame. Another version is the 1858 NEW MODEL ARMY STAINLESS STEEL .36/.44 cal., designoci to better stand the wear caused by the black powder. This model is also available in the TARGET .44 cal. with stainless steel adjustable front and rear sights. For whoever prefers the long barrel revolvers, it is available the 1858 BUFFALO .44 cal. with brass frame or steel frame; the range is accomplished by the 1858 TEXAS .36/.44 cal. which features a brass frame.

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