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Fall 1861: In Richmond, Virginia, capital of the Confederate States of America, Edwuard Spiller, nephew of James Henry Burton, lieutenant colonel of the Army, and David Burr, famous engineer established a new company. In Richmond the morale is high and the hope, if not the certainty, of the victory of the Confederates is a matter which is not even set in discussion. But strong likewise is the desire of making money: patriotism and business feeling and, thanks to Burton, the Spiller & Burr company gets a contract from the Government for the supply of 15,000 revolvers to be delivered in two and a half years time from the date of the order. Spiller and Burrr started production afler they moved to Atlanta, in a factory owned by the Government, capable of producing 1,000 pieces per month. When the war broke out, there was a greater demand for guns and Spiller & Burr was urged to deliver the goods on order, but due to some problems the production did not seem to proceed according to schedule. The 2 partners lost the businegs but kept the patriotism : they were in fact forced to sell the company to the Confederate Government, which moved the production from Atlanta lo Macon with no more problems and discontinuances. This model combines the merits of 2 famous revolvers the solid frame or the Remington and the mechanism of the Colt.

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SPB36 .36 1:30" Single 6 1/2" Octagon Brass Walnut 12 1/5" 1,1

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